For the email only beginning system, the following substitutions can be used

  • {{fname}} – for the first name value
  • {{sname}} – for the last name value
  • {{city}} – for the city value
  • {{state}} – for the state value
  • {{zip}} – for the zip code value

The feature of “Additional Person Information” has the ability to define additional variables along with the text that will be substituted for them.For this feature, each type (except for boolean) has a variable name that can be defined when the item is created. Then the value of the item will be substituted in for the variable name when it is used.

The reason I choose the {{and }} symbols for the variables, is so that they do not interfere with other ideas that you may have with and for the system.Variable names that do not match either the above group or one defined with the “Additional Person Information” tool, will be removed automatically. Just  remember when writing the message, please remember to use the {{ and }} symbols.