Additional Person Information

This is one of the “groups” pages in that it allows a temporary group to be made up based on the information provided in each person page.

Then the information is chosen and that temporary group is formed allowing the “create/send message” link to be used. If the “Addition Person Information” item has a drop down menu for selection of an item, then that selection can be used for creation of the group.

When creating a new “Additional Person Information” item, a name for the information is created, along with selection of the type. The types are defined by the Administrator of the system. Of the types, “boolean” refers to an option that is on or off, “Short Text” and “Long Text” refer to text entry fields. Additional field types may be defined by the time that you get connected to the system. Currently to ask that a type be defined as a drop down please contact the Administrator (for this a feedback link is on every page).