There are a few sets of features that can be used in the system. First off how do you want to reach out to your group?

  • Email Only – Enables you to keep track of phone numbers, but will only allow sending and receiving of email messages.
  • Email, Text (SMS) – Enables you to send and receive emails and texts to your invitees.

Secondly, which items which pages do you want to view in the system? Some pages, like People and Users (at least), are automatic as they are necessary to use the system

Other Features – There are a few features that are given automatically to every client. These could be thought of as the way that the system gets things done.

  • People – Manage the people in your group
  • Create/Send Message – Contains the actual mechanism to send the messages
  • Preset Messages – Create and save text for messages for repeat use.
  • Logs – A record of which messages have been sent or received.
  • My Users – Used for Administrating multiple users (for your own client) that have access to the system.