Each client start’s with the free plan that is below, then a client can pick and choose from the options that are below to make their plan up. A such every client has the features and abilities from the free plan, then they have their specific add-ons.

Items on the Packages page are based on the pricing here but are just grouped based on the potential needs of a specific client.

Free Plan – Email Only – Every user has a message box for receiving messages. Their address is in the style of “”

Below is a list of features that are included in the Email Only Plan.

  • Free Plan Features
    • People (Includes Reminders)
    • Contact Groups
    • Additional Person Information (Advanced Contact Groups)
    • Create/Send Message
    • Preset Messages
    • URL Shorts
    • Logs

$5/month – User Management – This will allow the creation and management of multiple users within the ReachoutWizard system. One user functions as the admin creating and managing the other users within the client account. This will add the “myUsers” feature.

$5/month – Attachments – This will allow adding attachments to your email and possibly SMS messages. Also this will allow receiving attachments in email or SMS messages.

$5/month per domain name – Custom Emails – This is a method of receiving emails that allows a message to be delivered to 1 or more user accounts in the system. An example of this is that for the address “”, the message or messages can be delivered to the appropriate user.

This price of $5 is in addition to the cost per year of registering a domain name. From infoChi Christian Computing, during 2021 a dot com name like “” is $15

$20/month – SMS (Txt Msg) Abilities – This will include the ability to include text messaging from your marketing phone number. In addition this will add the ability to receive SMS messages at your marketing phone number.

Price of $20/month includes $5 Phone Usage (Marketing Phone Number is $1)

The following features will be added with the SMS abilities.

  • SMS Features – This list is small as the SMS abilities add to every feature in the free plan.
    • Flows
    • Numbers

$5/month – Event Management – Helps a client to track attendance and invites