Getting Started

The following may temporarily be disabled if there is not a link on the main login page, in that case, please contact the site Admin to get an account setup, using the same information. Of course you will need to set the password using the “forgot password” link.

In order to get started, sign up for the free account using the login page. At first the cost for the account will be free so there is no charge, but an email is sent to us to that we can have knowledge of the account. Once you upgrade your account, the billing will be setup by the process of an invoice sent via the square system. This will allow for credit card payments,.

The steps to be taken for this are as follows:

  1. On the login page, there is a link that says “Signup for a free, basic account” Please use that and fill out the form on the page that follows.
  2. It will ask you several things, they have been defined here.
    • Client Name – What is the name of your company, if there is no company name, please make up something from your name.
    • Username & Email Address – Your username for the system is set to be your email address. Your password until changed will be “password”
    • First Name – For the user that is being created.
    • Last Name – For the user that is being created.
    • Phone Number – Main Contact for the account.
  3. Use the next page, which is just the login page for the system, and login to the system. The username is the email address which was provided. The password, at least for the first time, is “password”.
    It is recommended to use the “My Profile” link at the top, but below the menu, in order to change this to a more secure password.
  4. From this point, there will be several options that you will be able to work with. They will be talked about here to simplify each page/feature in the system.