Send Messages

  1. From the Home Screen, Choose “Additional Person Information’ then select “View” next to the item telling how you were able to obtain the information.

    With this page you able to select the prospects/customers that it is desired to send a message to.
  2. Leaving the option of “Optional Filters” blank it will let you select people from any show/festival. This option would narrow the search by those people who gave their information at the specific show/festival.
  3. The second option of “Additional Boolean Filters, will let you narrow down to the people who checked a given checkbox on their information sheet.
  4. Once the intended list of recipients is chosen, it is time to choose the contact method for each person to be used.

    It is best to select “SMS” then “Email” or “EMail” then “SMS”, either one followed by “Preferred Contact” so that everyone in the list has a contact method chosen.
  5. Once you chose a contact method, click on “Send Message” and it will pre-fill the “Send Message” screen with the contact method chosen.