Address Grouping

Options are given to make a selection of  recipients for sending a message by groups of:

  • city
  • state
  • zip

Also on the same page, an entry field just below to enter your local zipcode, then a button to “Set Local Zip Code”. Once that step is performed, the entry field transforms to a drop down option allowing:

  • Choose Distance Option (Show All)
  • 10 Miles
  • 25 Miles
  • Reset Distance Calculator (Give the “Set Local Zip Code” entry field and start over)

How to find this page?

  1. Main Page, then
  2. People, then
  3. Address Group

How do I use it?

  1. Use Google or Apple Maps to find the ZipCode of my current location
  2. Navigate to the page: Main Page | People | Address Group
  3. Insert the ZipCode from step 1 into the entry field and click on “Set Local Zip Code”
  4. Select the Mileage Option that is desired (10 or 25 miles)
  5. Choose contact methods
  6. Finally send the message